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Telephone Etiquettes : Make smile on your face

Guys and Gals who are working at BPO, Call centers and even at home. This information is only for you. Who helps you out from the severe problem i.e. TELE PANIC or Frustration on Talking.

All you buddies will be able to identify the following things

How to answer Telephones
How to put a customer on hold
How to transfer a call
How to take a message
How to conclude a call
How to deal with angry customers

Professional Telephone Etiquettes!!!

Often a client's first contact with a business is by phone. Professionalism is polite, thoughtful, efficient, educated and valuable at all times.

Before you answer

Be prepared
Turn away from you computer, desk or other work
Have pens, pencils and notepaper handy

Answering the phone

Answer calls promptly – within 3 rings
Smile as you pick the phone – The caller will hear it in your voice
Project a tone that is enthusiastic, natural attentive and respectful. Greet the caller and identify yourself and your company /department / unit. Ask, ‘How may I help you?’’

During the conversation

Enunciate clearly. Speak distinctly.
Use plain English and avoid unnecessary jargon and acronyms
Always speak calmly and choose your words naturally
Use all your listening skills
Focus your full attention on the caller and the conversation
Listen “between” the words
Use active listening to clarify and check for understanding

If there is a problem, project a tone that is concerned, empathetic and apologetic

Avoid the five forbidden phrases

Instead. Find a way to state the situation positively

“I don’t know”
Instead, say: “That is a good question; let me find out for you”

“I/We can’t do that.”
Instead say: “This is what I/we can do”

“You will have to”
Instead say: “Here’s how we can help you”

“just a second”
Instead Give a more honest estimate of how long will take you

Use “LEAPS” with the emotional caller to vent

L - Listen; allow the caller to vent
E - Empathize; acknowledge the person’s feelings
A - Apologize when appropriate, even if the problem is not your fault, You can say, “I am really sorry this has happened” and mean it
P - Be positive
S - Solve; suggest/generate solutions that you can both agree on and, if reasonable, do it!

Concluding the call

End the conversation with agreement on what is to happen next; if you are to follow up, do so immediately.
Thank the caller for calling, invite the caller to caller again


Ask customers if you may put them on hold
Wait for a response
Inform the customers why they are put on hold
Give a time frame
Thank customers for holding after returning to the line

How To Transfer A Call

Transfer ONLY when necessary; get the information yourself
Take down the following information:
The person, caller wants to speak to
The caller’s name
The caller’s company name
he reason for calling
Ensure that:
Customers are made aware that the call is being transferred and to whom it is being transferred
The person receiving the call is informed about the caller

Progress Reports

"Mr. Luke's line is still busy, do you wish to continue waiting?"
I'm sorry to keep you waiting, may I check further and call you back?"
"That line is still busy, may someone else help you?“
"I'm sorry, she is still away from her desk, do you wish to continue waiting?"

How To Take A Message

Explain to the customer, why the call could not be transferred.
Identify yourself and for whom you are answering the phone
Indicate the period of time the person will be available
Make sure you get the following info.

- The name of the caller. Ask for spelling
- Organization’s name
- The (correct) telephone number of the caller
- The message. Ask for clarification if necessary

Read back what you've written to be sure you’ve understood the message correctly
Always assure the person that you will deliver the message promptly
Deliver the message in a timely fashion

Ending A Call

Let the caller hang up first so that he/she don’t accidentally get cut off in the middle of a sentence.

How To Deal With Angry Customers

Listen carefully

Convey sincere interest and be empathetic
Agree as often as possible
Remain calm and courteous. DO NOT ARGUE!
Do not interrupt unless the person needs to talk to another person or department
Do not blame co-workers
Explain clearly and be anxious to solve the problem or correct mistakes
Do not make unrealistic promises
Apologize. Be sure to say I'm sorry
Act fast. Acting quickly shows that you are sorry and that you will handle the issue
Follow up. Get back to the caller to make sure the problem has been solved

When You Are Away From The Office

Arrange for coverage or leave a voice mail message for callers
Place a short message on the machine. Callers do not like to wait during a long message
Advise your office of where you can be reached
Check your messages during the day

Placing calls

Plan your call. Knowing what you need to say will make your call brief and effective
Place your own calls when possible to add a personal touch and create a good will
Identify yourself and quickly state your business

Qualities Of A Good Voice

Lower, mellow pitch

Tips For Creating A Good Image

Use basic phrases of courtesy--"May I help you?, Please, Thank you, You are welcome"
Use standard, accepted business phrases
Avoid slang-"uh huh, yeah, nope, dude, or bye bye for good bye"
Do not chew gum
Do not slam the phone or cut off abruptly
Smile while speaking. People can "hear a smile" over the phone

Just try it and feel the difference.

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