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Arab Belly Dance : The Modern Era of New Dance

Photo Source : Michelle Joyce

Belly dance is a Western name for an Arabic style of dance. This Belly dance has been germinated in the Middle East. Some American lovers refer to it simply as "Middle Eastern Dance". In the Arabic language it is known as raqs sharqi ("eastern dance") or sometimes raqs baladi ("national" or "folk" dance). The term "raqs sharqi" may have spranged up in Egypt. The term belly-dance is a creation of Orientalism, and is first attested in English in 1899.

Belly dancing is established on one of the oldest social dances in world history. Basically, there are two forms of belly dancing. The first is called raks baladi. In Palestine and Iraq, raks baladi is a social dance executed by people of all ages and by both sexes, during festive occasions- such as weddings- and other social gatherings for fun and solemnization. The second form- the more theatrical version- is called raks sharqi, and it is this type that is most popular in America today. Like raks baladi, raks sharqi is performed by both male and female dancers.

It is the name "Michelle Joyce", who is one of the most popular and famous Arab Belly Dancer of this new modern era. She started her professional bellydance career while living in Istanbul, Turkey. She studied under Sema Yildiz, who is the one more Turkish dance fable, and became the publicizing act at The Orient Nightclub in Istanbul in 1998.

In 2001, the television show 20/20 aired an interview with Michelle about her experience bellydancing in a Japanese hostess club. The show aired prime time and was the highest rated in it's time slot.

Just take a look at Belly Dance photos here:

The dress up now consociated with this dance is called bedlah in Arabic (meaning "uniform") and was espoused by dancers in Egypt in the 1930s, from where it spread to other countries in the region. Most of the basic steps and techniques used in belly dance are circular motions marooned in one part of the body; for example, a circle parallel to the floor sequestrated in the hips or shoulders. Accents using "pop" and "lock" where a dancer either shimmies or makes a striking motion in her shoulders or hips are common, as are feats of flexibility, rolling one's belly muscles, balancing various props like baskets, swords or canes, and dancing with chiffon or silk veils.

Guys, don't miss the opportunity to watch the great Belly Dance and informed me too for watching the same ... I am also
thirstily waiting to Michelle Joyce.

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