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I am a Blog Lover. Blogging is my passion. It is a little effort to come up with thoughtful reviews on various issues which helps society to think about!

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Nature : A Natural Friend

NATURE, everyone's natural friend. He has no selfishness like here in all the buddies. He has no ego like in you and me. He has no critisim like in you and me. It has no darkside like in you and me. It has no politics like in you and me. It has .... It has so many good things which he gives at each and every moment to us. But we selfish people don't care it. We don't have any sort of social ethics to preseve this nature for our forthcoming generation.

One day our kids asks you, "Dad, what is Nature?", "Please give some money to take it from the shop!!". Hye, don't laugh ... One day definately comes to ask you about your responsibility towards me. I am the nature. You cruel people lost and destroy me like ..... leave it .... my dear son's are you happy about me even after you don't care of me? don't worry. I am alive forever to show you and young generation a right path. So, join me .... I never ask you about any fees for joining ... It is free for all ... just spread your hands ... I have lot of things to be handed over you... any guess buddie? ....

It's NATURE....Your Natural Friend...Forever !!!

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