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Friendship : From My Mental Vision

You and Me Truly great friends are....
hard to FIND,
difficult to LEAVE, and....
impossible to FORGET!!!

Friendship is best of the unseen smiles of two hearts...!!
.....the unknown trust that holds them strong,
the pains that prove how happy their friendship is…..!!

Is it true? If friend, please proceed further....!!

Friendship essentially involves a classifiable kind of concern for your friend, a concern which might reasonably be understood as a kind of love. Philosophers from the ancient Greeks on have traditionally distinguished three notions that can properly be called love: agape (selfless love of one person for another without sexual implications), eros (physical attraction), and philia (a positive feeling of liking).

Agape is a kind of love that does not respond to the preceding value of its object but instead is thought to create value in the beloved; it has come through the Christian tradition to mean the sort of love God has for us persons as well as, by extension, our love for God and our love for human race in general.

As a counterpoint, eros (a desire for sexual intimacy) and philia (a positive feeling of liking) are generally understood to be tractable to the merits of their objects—to the beloved's properties, especially his goodness or beauty.

The difference is that eros is a kind of burning trust for an object, typically sexual in nature, whereas ‘philia’ originally meant a kind of displaying warmth regard or friendly feeling towards not just one's friends but also possibly towards family extremities, business partners.

Due to this reason, love and friendship often get chunked together as a single topic.

Friendship Day Friendship is a term used to denote conjunctive and confirmative conduct between two or more human being. The term FRIENDSHIP centers on the belief specific to social relationships. The relationship which necessitates reciprocal knowledge, admiration, and fondness along with a level of delivering help to friends in times of need or in crucial condition. Friends will receive each other's fellowship and exposes commitment towards each other, often to the point of selflessness. In a equivalence of personal relationships, friendship is considered to be closer than affiliation, although there is a range of degrees of affair in both friendships and affiliation.

I hate youAs per the best of my knowledge, there is surety of dispute, hate and aloneness between two friends. It is better to solved out all the disputes as early as possible, keeping in the mind that we are made for each other up to the end of the world. Why all disputes happened in the friendship?

It is only because of these two true friends never know the depth and meaning of friendship. Each and every friend on this globe should have to repair their friendship by following 7 steps. I think it is enough to join the two innocent broken hearts. After taking a look on following types of friendship, It might be possible that some of your old and gold things recalled automatically.

Types of friendship

* Acquaintance
* Romantic friendship
* Soulmate
* Pen pal
* Internet friendship
* Comrade
* Friends with benefits
* Sexualized friendship
* Boston marriage
* Blood brotherhood
* Companionate love
* Intimate relationship
* Love
* Platonic love
* Romantic love
* Open relationship
* Roommate
* Spiritual

It is an in-depth relationship combining trust, support, communication, loyalty, understanding, empathy, and intimacy.

Even Mr. Sonskred, expressing a friendship through his beautiful photos and thought for today article. It seems that, prior to words only one picture express what is the friendship? One beautiful butterfly with a green means that their friendship lives long and long and long .... till WINTER comes?

Just read it...think on it and remember the past scenes you had with......

My dear virtual friends, I am waiting for your TRUE FRIENDSHIP on this globe...

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