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Guitar learning tips for beginners

Learning a new instrument can be frightening, especially at the beginning. Here is some advice for absolute beginners.

Learning a musical instrument is about the journey you take. So if you have ever considered learning a guitar, give your 100 percent to it. You might end up becoming a lead guitarist or simply learning something new.

Buy a cheap guitar:

It's often recommended buying a second hand acoustic instrument if you are learning guitar. Just make sure that the guitar is tuned properly before you start practising, otherwise you will be left wondering why everything sounds so bad.

Get a tuner:

You will need to find a way to tune your guitar. Using apps like "Ultimate Guitar Tools" does the trick perfectly. The app also has a chords library that you may also find handy. Again you don't need anything too flash, just something that adequately works and can teach you well.

Style of learning:

There are different styles of learning guitar - as a beginner try to learn both 'Chords and TAB' and see which one you prefer. It's matter of personal preference. If you are looking for new music to practice with definitely look at the website: - this is the best website for sharing any kind of guitar music.

Judge anyone's personality through the ringtones

The effects of annoying ring tones are no joke. In a recent Mobile's study, 66 percent of people had been so annoyed by someone else's ringer that they had to ask the owner to shut it off.

The next time you are getting bored in any journey or party, try listening to people's rigntones and judge their personality.

From the basic ringing tone to movie songs to other funny sounds, people vary a lot in their choices. Here are a few common tunes that we liten to everyday and what does it say about the person.


This person is highly considerate about people around him and is alret enough to not miss out on a call.

Standard ring:

Your phone is as good as new. You haven't tried to explore the possibilities of other tunes in the phone. Or maybe you are simple and look at the phone only as a means of communication.

Classic old song:

You pride your age and love for what you call as "Real Music".


You are young, cool and enjoy annoying other people so you may delay answering your phone just to let that song annoy them a little longer.

Animal and other alien sounds:

You think you are funny but actually you are doing a good job in annoying others.

Promissory Note : The Details

A promissory note is a legal instrument which is a signed document containing a written promise to pay a stated sum to a specified person at a specified date or on demand.

Promissory note is a written promise to pay a debt. It is a financial instrument, in which one party (maker or issuer) promises in writing to pay a determinate sum of money to the other (the payee), either at a fixed, determinable future time or on demand of the payee subject to specific terms.

Thus, a proissory note generally means a signed document containing a written promise to pay a stated sum to a specified person or the bearer at a specified date or on demand. A promissory note can be either payable on demand or ata specific time.

If the promissory note is unconditional and readily saleable, it is called a negotiable instrument.

The terms of a note usually include the principal amount, the interest rate (if any) the parties, date, terms of repayment (which could include interest) and the maturity date.

Losing a job can be an extremely bad experience

Losing a job can be an extremely bad experience. But at present, with the changing landscape in the workforce, the shame of unemployment should be a thing of the past.

In the old days, unemployment was equated with failure and blame fell squarely on the individual who couldn't hold a job. Today, with organizaitons in constant transition, most people have had either a direct or indirect experience of seeing someone leave their job without another to go to. In fact, most the professionals who reached out about their unemployment experiences agreed to do so only on condition of anonymity, indicating that we haven't come that far.

Many human resources professionals, said that they understand why corporations look through the resumes of the unemployed. The demand for jobs simply outweighs the supply of talent and hiring managers need a way to go through applications quickly. Yet the struggles of enemployment keep increasing due to the ruling out of those candidates who were a casualty of downsizing or bankruptcies.

On addition, the sting of unemployment grows more pronounced as you age. Having a graduation date on your professional profile that places you in your 50s does carry a much greater stigma than that of someone in their early 30s. Job seekers need to recognize that this shame still exists.

Brittoni:Habituation of eating eye shadow

A young woman from Toledo, Ohio, who has been addicted to eating eye shadows since she was a toddler, has finally decided that she would be better off without her dangerous habit.

When Brittoni made an appearance on TLC's 'My Strange Additiction' she told viewers that she can imagine the make-up coating her insides, while comparing her addiction to the craving of a candy bar.

Brittoni, 22, had asserted at the time that she enjoys consuming eye shadows, and loves the metallic grey, white and brown colours especially.

But, Brittoni has now vowed to give up her addiction afer being warned by doctos that the arsenic, lead and nickel in the product could give her further heart problems, cancer or even kill her.

Unsecured Personal Loans : Try It Now!

All we know that having a bad credit history should not backside you from trying to seek financial help when you are in a crucial stage. Bad Credit Loans are now available that suits for you and can help you come out of your financial crisis. These can also be suitable for those who are trying to get credit for the first time.

When you are searching for a loan, finding a lender to help you out when you have bad credit or no credit may seem unimaginable. Here No Credit Check Loans are certainly great option for many borrowers who may be dupes to getting the same. In fact there are many of the lenders who claim to offer real No Credit Check Loans are actually frauds. But at this platform you can get real deal to fulfil your needs.

You know what? Unsecured Personal Loans are usually more difficult to get approval on anyway, but getting fast loan approval with no collateral and with poor credit ratings is something difficult. Here is the option to get Unsecured Personal Loans that are within reach of bad credit borrowers, and can be granted and transferred into a bank account as quickly as just after submitting the application. So, try it now!

Laptop Buying Guide

Nowadays all students need a laptop. Follow these tips to identify a perfect one.

1. Pick a portable size:

Although 15-inch laptops tend to be the cheapest, 11 to 14-inch models are better for students on the go because they usually weigh less than 2 Kg., making them much easier to transport.

2. Consider a touch screen hybrid:

Windows 8 sports an inerface that works a lot better with a touch screen, so consider buying a laptop with a touch screen. However, if you want full touch experience, consider a hybrid laptop. One good choice is the Dell XPS 12.

3. Go for at least 5.5 hours of battery life:

It's not always easy for students to plug in when they are going to class or finishing a paper in the campus. So get a notebook that lasts at least 5 hours and 30 minutes on a charge. Have a home-grown battery test, which invloves continuous Web surfing over Wi-Fi.

Lovers Married After 60 Years

Couple from San Diegoreunites after 60 years and gets married. Yeah! It is true!

Love moves in myserious ways, and that's certainly the case for 81-year-old (Sorry! Young..!!!) Cynthia Riggs. The divorced author from Martha's Vineyard became the central character in her own mystery after receiving a love letter written in code in the mail.

It was mystery that took the author back 60 years, to when she worked at a San Diego marine laboratory with a young man named Howard Attebery. When Ms Riggs tracked Dr Attebery down in California he admitted to sending the note. In a final twist to the story, Dr Attebery confessed his love for Ms Riggs and the couple got married.

Although they never dated when they worked together, the pair used to pass coded messages to each other at the laboratory. Ms Riggs said she told."I liked him a lot but I didn't see any romantic interest in it."

Dr Attebery however, adored his co-worker and kept all of the notes she passed him. Because he was sure Ms Riggs did not feel the same way, he never asked her out - until he was 90 years old.

After the death of his wife, Dr Attebery stayed single for a long time, before finally plucking up the courage to track down Ms Riggs. And, after years of not knowing how to tell her how he felt, Dr Attebery's coded meassage read: 'I never stopped loving you.'

The pair exchanged letters for about a year before meeting and, when they were finally reunited in California, he proposed within an hour: "You know, love is a great place to spend the rest of your life,' he said. The couple had a commitment ceremony at Martha's Vineyard.

In March, Dr Attebery and his son Mark, who teaches in New York, packed up his belongings in San Diego and headed to where the couple had.

Popular alternatives for a personal loan!

When you are in the urgent need of cash, the easiest option seems to be taking a personal loan. But with the raging interest rates these days, it’s not quite wise to get into the vicious cycle of debt. Banks also tend to look at your entire financial profile before accepting you for eligibility. What if you could have an option apart from personal loan in times of crisis?

Here are some quick fixes as alternatives to personal loans –

Loan against fixed deposits – This is the quickest possible loan because banks lend against their own fixed deposits. The repayments of this type of loan should be done within the fixed deposit tenure. The biggest advantage is there is minimal documentation required and loans are available over 80% of the fixed deposit value. Also, your fixed deposit continues to earn interest even during the tenure of the loan. However, you must discipline yourself to repay the loan every month like an EMI.

Gold loan – Initially started off as a popular source of finance in rural and semi-urban areas, gold loans have off late become extremely popular in metros as well. This type of loan provides immediate liquidity on the basis of one’s jewellery without having to sell it away. Further, there are no processing charges and prepayment fees. The loan amount depends on the purity and weight of the gold that is given. Although this loan does not necessitate previous credit history, banks are going stringent on these after recent RBI regulations. Further, the interest is not cheap and is comparable with personal loans.

Loan against Property – You can borrow against your property and the loan amount is calculated on the basis of value of property and the borrower’s capacity to repay. Refinancing the property is an option if the value of loan is to be increased or the property value has risen over a span of time. Failure in prompt repayment can result in loss of ownership, and hence absolute care must be taken, as a property is usually of higher value than any other form of security.

Loan against shares – Banks lend against the shares of specific companies which you hold. However, not all shares you hold qualify for such loans. Each bank has a different list of approved securities which qualify for such loans. The amount depends upon valuation of security and ability to repay and service the loan. Although you can receive money without liquidating your investments, the amount granted as a proportion of the security offered is much lower compared to other forms of loans. With present volatile stock markets, this may not come cheap as well.

Loans against Life Insurance policies – Loans that are granted on the basis of life insurance deals have lower rates of interest and easy options for repayment. Loan amount is dependent on the value of the policy. It can be repaid anytime during the term of the policy. In the event of an unpaid loan amount, interest will be deducted from the claim. This is a quick loan with minimal documentation.

Loan against Public Provident Fund (PPF) – Loans can be taken on the basis of PPF but with tenure only up to 2 years. If the first loan is repaid, the borrower is entitled for another loan if they are within 3 to 6 years of opening an account. The benefit of this loan is that you can borrow without breaking your PPF and also with minimum documents.

You can take a look at the above mentioned options see which one might suit you best. If you are in urgent need of cash but for a short period of time, you might want to consider these alternatives. Evaluate your need and financial position before deciding on any kind of loan, as these will have direct implications of your financial plan.

I Know The World Cannot Imagine Sachin Without Cricket

Anjali Tendulkar feels that it would be difficult to imagine her husband a great cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar without cricket. The legend ended his 24-year fairytale journey at the Wankhede Stadium after the second cricket Test against the West Indies.
The last one month have been difficult for us. Whenever we thought of this day we became emotional. It will be difficult for us to imagine Sachin Tendulkar without cricket. Cricekt can be without Tendulkar but hard for us to believe that Tendulkar will be without cricket, "Anjali said in a rare TV interview.

Anjali said Tendulkar can never switch himself off from the game.

"I have never seen him switching him off from the game. Even when we are holidaying in England he is always in the switch on mode. He is very conscious about the game and will never eat too much. We will always hit gym and practice with Arjun (son) to stay fit whenever he gets a chance, "said Anjali in an interview to host broadcaster Star Sports.

Anjali said her husband is good at hiding emotions and it would highly unlikely that the cricket legend will aloow his emotions get the better of him. Tendulkar, however, became emotional and tears rolled down his eyes when India lifted the World Cup here at the same venue in 2011. Asked if she would put up the goggles and hide her emotions, Anjali said: "I am also good at hiding emotions. May be if not today but tomorrow."

So how difficult would it be for their kids Sara and Arjun, Anjali said: "Sara is very much like her father. She never shows her emotions. Before they were born Tendulkar was already a cricket star. So while growing up they were still figuring what there father was."

Anjali also said that Tendulkar was pleasantly delighted to see his son as a ball boy on the second day of the Test mach. Tendulkar himself was also a ball boy at the same venue here during the 1987 World Cup.

"Arjun is among the Mumbai U-14 prbables. He had a Harris Shield match and his father told him that he cannot miss the match at any cost. So Arjun went to the play his school match but found that the other opponents haven't turned up. And so he rushed to the stadium and in the meanwhile his coach had already got the accreditation. So Tendulkar was pleasantly surprised to see Arjun as a ball  boy," said Anjali. Anjali also said that now he would give some household responsibilities to Tendulkar. "Sachin is always worried at the paint coming out here and there in the house. Hopefully now I will give him some household responsibiliites," she said.