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Music Is Life : Create an email account for preserving songs

Image Source : Music Is Life

How many options we have to listen the music? Cassette Player, CD Player, DVD Player, MP3, Pen Drive, Mobile, Car Tape, TV, Radio and even Computer too. Despite that, we have use CD's & DVD's for songs transmission. One CD contains 700 MB. Normally it acquired 150 no. of songs. Despite that, for copy & paste it could be done by Pen Drive, small MP3 and Writable CD too.

As per our requirement without wasting a single CD, we can heard or transfer thousands of songs at a glance. In between, if we have the good internet connection or connectivity then we can be download the same on PC. We can make it had done by folders or albums and through the internet can be uploaded on our website. We can send it through the mail to our worldwide beloved ones and friends to have a great experience.

If we create an email account only for the song preservation and the group of 5-10 friends can be upload the songs and shares to one another.

If we have done only this work many CD's and DVD's need not burn unnecessarily. Even if, any somewhat rare songs we can burn it as an our "CHOICE-COLLECTION" nevertheless we can find it at our friends would they preserved the same or not? And who are come in contact daily.

Even though we can use any single re-writable CD for any sort of work, presentation or to take it out for print. If we need to store any somewhat important documents then while doing copy of CD, use "multisection" option on "ON" mode. I mean to say is we can add the new data afterwards at its full capacity. Like one that everybody can buy every book before that only one book from the library can be taken out for reading purpose by thousands of people; the same thing is here e.g., CD Library. And there is no question or doubt of virus because CD has been totally burned by a specific purpose and place. We use a library book for some specific period with due care, same can be happened for CD too.

That is why no question raised for bad CD. Even if not in a broad manner, in a group of 5 to 15 friends this CD Library makes a lot of wonders. We can avail this facility for thousands of songs as we like and need without making a huge scraps of e-waste.

So all you are requested to go for a separate e-mail account to listen the songs and enjoy. Help the world against E-waste. Our new generation give a big hand of applause.

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