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Guitar learning tips for beginners

Learning a new instrument can be frightening, especially at the beginning. Here is some advice for absolute beginners.

Learning a musical instrument is about the journey you take. So if you have ever considered learning a guitar, give your 100 percent to it. You might end up becoming a lead guitarist or simply learning something new.

Buy a cheap guitar:

It's often recommended buying a second hand acoustic instrument if you are learning guitar. Just make sure that the guitar is tuned properly before you start practising, otherwise you will be left wondering why everything sounds so bad.

Get a tuner:

You will need to find a way to tune your guitar. Using apps like "Ultimate Guitar Tools" does the trick perfectly. The app also has a chords library that you may also find handy. Again you don't need anything too flash, just something that adequately works and can teach you well.

Style of learning:

There are different styles of learning guitar - as a beginner try to learn both 'Chords and TAB' and see which one you prefer. It's matter of personal preference. If you are looking for new music to practice with definitely look at the website: - this is the best website for sharing any kind of guitar music.


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