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Lovers Married After 60 Years

Couple from San Diegoreunites after 60 years and gets married. Yeah! It is true!

Love moves in myserious ways, and that's certainly the case for 81-year-old (Sorry! Young..!!!) Cynthia Riggs. The divorced author from Martha's Vineyard became the central character in her own mystery after receiving a love letter written in code in the mail.

It was mystery that took the author back 60 years, to when she worked at a San Diego marine laboratory with a young man named Howard Attebery. When Ms Riggs tracked Dr Attebery down in California he admitted to sending the note. In a final twist to the story, Dr Attebery confessed his love for Ms Riggs and the couple got married.

Although they never dated when they worked together, the pair used to pass coded messages to each other at the laboratory. Ms Riggs said she told."I liked him a lot but I didn't see any romantic interest in it."

Dr Attebery however, adored his co-worker and kept all of the notes she passed him. Because he was sure Ms Riggs did not feel the same way, he never asked her out - until he was 90 years old.

After the death of his wife, Dr Attebery stayed single for a long time, before finally plucking up the courage to track down Ms Riggs. And, after years of not knowing how to tell her how he felt, Dr Attebery's coded meassage read: 'I never stopped loving you.'

The pair exchanged letters for about a year before meeting and, when they were finally reunited in California, he proposed within an hour: "You know, love is a great place to spend the rest of your life,' he said. The couple had a commitment ceremony at Martha's Vineyard.

In March, Dr Attebery and his son Mark, who teaches in New York, packed up his belongings in San Diego and headed to where the couple had.


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