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How to Shave Properly

Men go through a bizarre routine at various times of the week... Shaving! They start this complex and intimate process by scalding their face with hot water to open up the skin's pores. Then they cover their face with thick foam. Finally they scrape their face with a sharp blade to remove the unwanted hair. While this is a necessary routine for most men, the typical shaving foam they are using is full of chemicals and is not particularly good for their face.  

All we know that how to shave? Learning how to shave can be a valuable skill to learn in your life. In fact, shaving is one of the most common and, by far, the most convenient method of hair removal for men and women alike. While there are many different skin areas to shave, a wide variety of implements to use and a great selection of methods to try, there are a few basic rules that everyone should follow when shaving.

There are 5 ways to shave but if you use following steps to shave; I think it will gives you a rich experience.
  • Rinse the area with warm water, then press a warm washcloth against it for a minute or two (to help soften up hairs to be shaved).
  •  Shave with short strokes in the direction of hair growth (not against the grain); don’t pull the skin and make sure to use a sharp razor every time.
  •  Aftershaves are okay to use (unless they cause a burning or tingling sensation that’s too uncomfortable); you can also try a moisturizer instead.
  •  If you experience razor burns (tiny bumps of inflammation), you may want a lotion like bacitracin (or another antibiotic lotion clindamyacin) to ease inflammation.
I think this preparation will help you to glide smoothly and slice the whisker instead of dragging and pulling at them. This reduces redness and irritation.


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