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Max Life Recreates Pension Planning

Max Life Insurance announced the launch of the 'Max Life Forever Young Pension Plan' and 'Max Life Guaranteed Life Time Income Plan' - a unique pension planning solution, with features based on extensive consumer research. This solution ensures a carefree and financially-secured retirement for an individual and the spouse.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Rajesh Sud, CEO & Managing Director, Max Life Insurance, said,"In a proprietary study conducted by us, we unearthed an unaddressed consumer need that planning for retirement is complete only if the pension solution caters to the need of self and spouse. Additionally, the research also revealed that the consumer is concerned about the impact of inflation on retirement corpus.

Through these products, we have tried to address these needs by introducing features like 'Max Life Partner Care Rider' and the 'Save More Tomorrow Option'.

Max Life Forever Young Pension Plan offers two fund options - Maximizer (maximum investment in equity up to 60%) and Preserver (maximum investment in equity up to 35%) 

Max Life Guaranteed Life Time Income Plan offers four annuity options with combinations of single or joint life pension and with or without Return of Premium.

Aquarium : The Way Of Wealth Creation

Yeah! It is always good to add an aquarium to obtain wealth and abundance. Having a fish tank can help increase positive waves in your life. Aquariums are auspicious because they present a harmonious combination of wealth

Fish - the most common symbol for wealth. A well-positioned aquarium can bring an abundance of energy into your home. Fish also have a strong reproductive function, so they symbolize fertility. These aquatic creatures swim happily in the water, and thus are a symbol of happiness and harmony in a couple.

Fish also drive away misfortune, as it's one of the good signs in the Buddha's footprint. The image of a pair of fish is often embroidered on curtains, cushions, linen, and clothes. This amulet has a strong protective energy.

Even Goldfish can often be seen in ponds and aquariums, as they bring good energy. Goldfish represent double joy, Goldfish symbolizes success in financial affairs, and it is well suited for the zone of wealth.

Fish aquariums are wonderful for wealth creation. Keep the water clean and aerated and choose active, lively and healthy fish. Also, make sure that they are strong swimmers as their constant movement keeps wealth energy flowing into your life. Moreover, an attractive aquarium will have a soothing effect on everyone and they will become favorably disposed towards you. So bring a fish aquarium at your home to get better benefits.

Fulfill Your Needs With Unsecured Personal Loans

I know that many of us could not able to successful to get No Credit Check Loans. But today here you can receive approval instantly. It is one of the examples of this institution that you can get No Credit Check Loans, where loaners refuse to acknowledge the credit history of the applicant.

All we know that the people, who have a fixed monthly salary, divide their income in various expense sections made by them. Each household has its own fixed and variable expenses. They do keep some expenses as miscellaneous and spend it as and when there is a need. This amount is although not so high that it can cover sudden high expenses. These emergency situations sometimes need to be tackled with immediately. There are many options which you can choose from to get Unsecured Personal Loans in such a situation.

Here Bad Credit Personal Loans is the term that relates to personal loans for people with bad credit. Here you can apply, borrow and compare the best unsecured personal loans to fulfill your needs. You just can’t imagine that you can get such loans from $500 to $25000. It’s my suggestion to all that do not place any kind of application with just any website. Because most beloved security maintained only at this place.