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Which OS is loved the most?

Which OS is loved the most? It is really a big question to debate. Android tablets are one of the coolest ways to surf the net and watch videos in existence! They are super portable, light and have a huge touch screen display which makes viewing a pleasure. Unlike laptops and even netbooks, they save a lot of weight and space by only including the components needed for media consumption (surfing, listening and watching).

Chances are, if you are an iPhone of iPad owner, you are more likely than not to be very satisfied with your device. But that may not be the case if you use Android.

Moreover, there is also debatable question about Android OS Vs. Apple iOS – Which is Better for Developers? With the number of smartphone users increasing each day, there is an equal increase in the number of app developers for the same. Though developers have a whole lot of mobile platforms to choose from, they would most probably select one of the two most sought-after mobile OS’ today, Apple’s recently upgraded iOS 4 and Google’s Android. So, which of these is better for developers and why?

Maybe you don't like Apple, maybe you've seen some cheap tablets, or maybe you have an Android phone and love it. For whatever reason, you're looking at Android tablets. Here's a few things to keep in mind before you buy an Android Tablet.

Results out this week from Change Wave Research show of the 4,061 people surveyed, 71% of OS users reported to be 'very satisfied' with Apple's popular mobile software, while just 48% of Google Android users felt the same way.

So it is your turn to select the most beneficial OS to fulfill your needs.


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