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Kenyan Wonder Girl : Disability Turn Into A Inability

In life there are a number of things we take for granted. for instance, the use of your tongue beyond the sense of tasting. This afternoon on News Desk, Irene Nthambi, a 10 year old visually impaired girl does not let her disability become an inability. Here's KTN's Joy Doreen Biira with the story of a wonder girl whose only strongest sensory organs are her tongue Watch KTN Streaming LIVE from Kenya 24/7 on

Irene Nthambi (Kenyan Wonder Girl) is a student at the Thika school for the visually impaired in Kenya. While they teach most children there to read and write by using braille, Irene is a special case.

Irene - a Kenyan Wonder Girl also has no sense of touch in her fingers, so she was unable to learn the delicate nuances of braille.  Braille is a method of reading a writing where raised bumps represent different letters.  Irene was unable to feel the bumps, thus unable to decipher the letters.

One day Irene was eating a hot meal, and reacted to the temperature of the plate.  That was when her teacher had a brilliant idea! God Bless Her..!!!

Source : Kenyan Wonder Girl
Image Source : Kenyan Wonder Girl


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