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How to prepare for global professions

Globalization is one of the biggest buzzwords in higher education these days, and it’s helpful to be aware of how it could affect your future. You probably hear about lots of overseas companies recruiting professionals from the United States, who bring great education and a global perspective to companies around the world. Colleges and universities are helping prepare students in many ways, from requiring that students take courses on global issues to encouraging travel and exploration abroad. As a student today, you need to consider how globalization could affect your future career. Now here the question is how to prepare for global professions?

Preparing during college:

Take a language course in one of the major languages. Although English is sometimes the standard in business, it's  culturally sensitive to lean the local language. 

Travel, ideally spending several months abroad to get experience in global cultures. You can do this by enrolling in a study abroad programme or by applying for summer internships or fellowships abroad. Take courses on globalization, global business, cultural differences and anything else that will give you a strong foundation to interact with others well on an international level.

Networking with business-people:

Use formal language in emails, ensuring that you address people with 'Dear....' preceding their title and name. Use a formal closing, such as 'Yours Sincerely,' to ensure that your email is seen a professional. Prepare for conference call session as you would for business meeting, being careful to get on line at the right time, given the time zone differences. Avoid greetings like 'good morning' that don't travel well across time zones. Wear formal attire to interviews and meetings, do not end up offending people from conservative cultures.


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