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Google's mobile advertising revenue

It is the news from TheEpochTimes that Google’s Q4: $14.42 billion revenue on Mobile, Ad Growth goes up. The search engine giant's sales soared in the fourth quarter of 2012 as clicks on ads exploded, boosted by mobile searches, but the amount that advertisers paid Google for those clicks continued to slip. Google’s Q4 revenue represented a jump of 36 percent for the company year to year.

According to the Dawn, Google 2012 revenue hits $50 billion, profits up. Google shares jumped more than five per cent to $738.20 in after-market trading that followed release of the earnings figures, which topped most Wall Street estimates.

Google’s mapping service program tailored for Apple gadgets running on the iOS platform have been a hit, Page said, adding that its search and email programs are also popular on Apple devices.

According to the online advertising analysis firm - eMarketer, Google controls a 93.3 percent share of the U.S. mobile search ad market after a search deal with Apple, and by activating 1 million Android devices a day. Though that's a stunning achievement, the entire market is worth less than Rs. 760 crores ($2 billion)


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