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Kenyan Wonder Girl : Disability Turn Into A Inability

In life there are a number of things we take for granted. for instance, the use of your tongue beyond the sense of tasting. This afternoon on News Desk, Irene Nthambi, a 10 year old visually impaired girl does not let her disability become an inability. Here's KTN's Joy Doreen Biira with the story of a wonder girl whose only strongest sensory organs are her tongue Watch KTN Streaming LIVE from Kenya 24/7 on

Irene Nthambi (Kenyan Wonder Girl) is a student at the Thika school for the visually impaired in Kenya. While they teach most children there to read and write by using braille, Irene is a special case.

Irene - a Kenyan Wonder Girl also has no sense of touch in her fingers, so she was unable to learn the delicate nuances of braille.  Braille is a method of reading a writing where raised bumps represent different letters.  Irene was unable to feel the bumps, thus unable to decipher the letters.

One day Irene was eating a hot meal, and reacted to the temperature of the plate.  That was when her teacher had a brilliant idea! God Bless Her..!!!

Source : Kenyan Wonder Girl
Image Source : Kenyan Wonder Girl

Shrink World With The Best Sites

When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives means the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender hand. Yeah! We all have friends. No doubt, everyone wants a true friend. But the question is that where all you can get such true friends to chat and express your feelings? I know there are many online sites that open ups and explore a new area for friendship. Is it really worthy? I don’t know about you but one thing is clear that I fascinates about the list of the best sites like I think all you must get an experience about it.

Here sites like badoo, just make a friend and chat with him/her without any thought of time in your mind. Whenever you need support, you will chat with your good friend and ask him/her to help you out. I think this is one of the best chat sites I have ever seen here before.

Internet is the big home for social network for meeting new people. It is also true that instead of having hundreds of good friends, if you have a true friend, treat yourself lucky. It is only possible at the sites like tagged. Are you exhausted or getting bored of being alone in your home or flat? I think this one of the best platform to step up and explore your feelings in front of the best friend. Here you will be able to use these chat rooms for any duration, without distressing about expenditure your money.

Besides that, above online chatting is a simple-minded and extraordinary medium which you can use for “the best” communication purpose. So just shrink the world virtually with the help of above best sites and get in touch with your best friends always.

Google's mobile advertising revenue

It is the news from TheEpochTimes that Google’s Q4: $14.42 billion revenue on Mobile, Ad Growth goes up. The search engine giant's sales soared in the fourth quarter of 2012 as clicks on ads exploded, boosted by mobile searches, but the amount that advertisers paid Google for those clicks continued to slip. Google’s Q4 revenue represented a jump of 36 percent for the company year to year.

According to the Dawn, Google 2012 revenue hits $50 billion, profits up. Google shares jumped more than five per cent to $738.20 in after-market trading that followed release of the earnings figures, which topped most Wall Street estimates.

Google’s mapping service program tailored for Apple gadgets running on the iOS platform have been a hit, Page said, adding that its search and email programs are also popular on Apple devices.

According to the online advertising analysis firm - eMarketer, Google controls a 93.3 percent share of the U.S. mobile search ad market after a search deal with Apple, and by activating 1 million Android devices a day. Though that's a stunning achievement, the entire market is worth less than Rs. 760 crores ($2 billion)

Magazine Racks For Better Organization

It is very difficult to organize magazine subscriptions at everyone's home. In fact, magazine racks are the perfect way to organize and store your collection in style. Almost all the racks come with a different design and a personality of their own. You have a choice of diverse kinds of racks, which you can use, in kid's rooms or even for teens and adults.

You can even attach wheels to the racks to make them movable. In this way, you can change their position whenever you want. The very basic shape of a Magazine Holder is a stand with two sides along with a center rack for holding the literature. If you want to make a Magazine Rack on your own, then you can use wood for making the rack. This is the easiest way of doing this job.

Among the options available, choose from freestanding magazine racks, which allow yo to move your magazines around easily. A wall-mounted one might work for a home, office or even a bathroom, while a rotating rack lets you store the magazines in an easy-to-view set up.

There are literally hundreds of different models to choose from. Display racks are primarily made from three different materials being wood, plastic and metal. Many racks utilize a combination of all three. Of these display racks, there are desktop, corner, freestanding, rotating and wall-hanging models.

Just fix a place for your rack and number of magazines to be stored. An over-stuffed one rack will lose its luster, so be sure you find one that has ample space to display your collection.

Luxury Watches : Get Elegance To Boost Your Personality

Yeah! It is true that for many of us a wrist watch is a simple piece of equipment that tells the time, but for some others it is far more than that. In fact, high-end watch also makes a statement about someone who wears it. When matter comes to luxury watches, surely it is the place of pieces of jewellery.

There are many reasons to buy high-end watches that tells us the time. But with an immense natural selection of luxury watches available online and the market too, how to decide for perfect buy? No doubt everyone has his/her own perception about luxury watches. It is really very difficult to make up one's mind that which luxury watch is most ample.

Here I found the guide that explains you most distinguished luxury watch to buy with right-thinking guidance if you decide to get a luxury watch. You know what? Luxury watches are more than timepiece. It is the emboldened dot line about the person who wears it. It is just elegancy to wish buy such time-piece. I think everyone must have such a work of art crafted so finely. Its elegancy never ruined generation to generation. Just get such a luxury watch i.e. a time-piece for any dam reason. You can buy it as a gift for your beloved one. Mostly if you look at yourself, no doubt such elegance time-piece boost your personality.

In addition to that luxury watches are a timeless addition to anyone's accessory collection. Its easy style conjugated with timeless elegance make them ideal for anyone looking to impersonate a smart, sophisticated and fashionable appearance. I know that luxury watches are heavy price tags but once your wear it surely get the value more than expected one. Luxury watches are the best among the best, but online guide here help you to make affordable one. So just get luxury watches that are famous for their top quality and delicate craftsmanship.

Select a Right Career

Selecting a field tht encompasses as many of your talents and allows you the greatest freedom is not an easy task. Just take a look on some important points that make your job a little easier.

Begin by determining what you like :

A lot of people look to others to determine their career paths; teachers, parents, neighbours and peers. Think about people you respect and what they do for work. Take time to map out your wants and to match your skills with skills that are actively sought within certain fields of work. This will involve a fair bit of research work but it is well worth it.

Identify the skills you use when you are doing the thing(s) you enjoy:

Look at the things you are good at doing already. These will give you a very good indication of what you are likely to enjoy doing by way of a career. Once you have identified a potential field, you are then ready to match your skills.

Qualifications required for fields that interest you:

Library, internet and direct contact research will be refquired here. It is also helpful to ask your school, local community services, university, etc., for assistance in career choices and development. Your thorough research will help you out to determine quickly which areas you want to study in.

Sign up for an educational or training programme:

While studying, do not neglect to take advantage of networking opportunities and chances to work in your career field either as a volunteer or in short-term paid positions. These opportunities will give you the best possible feel for the work and the types of people in the field that you will be working with.

So, just select right career path to set your future.

How to prepare for global professions

Globalization is one of the biggest buzzwords in higher education these days, and it’s helpful to be aware of how it could affect your future. You probably hear about lots of overseas companies recruiting professionals from the United States, who bring great education and a global perspective to companies around the world. Colleges and universities are helping prepare students in many ways, from requiring that students take courses on global issues to encouraging travel and exploration abroad. As a student today, you need to consider how globalization could affect your future career. Now here the question is how to prepare for global professions?

Preparing during college:

Take a language course in one of the major languages. Although English is sometimes the standard in business, it's  culturally sensitive to lean the local language. 

Travel, ideally spending several months abroad to get experience in global cultures. You can do this by enrolling in a study abroad programme or by applying for summer internships or fellowships abroad. Take courses on globalization, global business, cultural differences and anything else that will give you a strong foundation to interact with others well on an international level.

Networking with business-people:

Use formal language in emails, ensuring that you address people with 'Dear....' preceding their title and name. Use a formal closing, such as 'Yours Sincerely,' to ensure that your email is seen a professional. Prepare for conference call session as you would for business meeting, being careful to get on line at the right time, given the time zone differences. Avoid greetings like 'good morning' that don't travel well across time zones. Wear formal attire to interviews and meetings, do not end up offending people from conservative cultures.

Personal Loans Online : Just Get Your Financial Emergencies

Yeah! Exigencies will frequently come up, some of which admit overdue utility bills, medical bills and many more problems. Online Loans come handy when such surprising considerations stand up. This is the reason online loans give you a chance to get at straightaway sources of funds to cover the financial needs.

When you need immediate cash and have bad credit, the question is are there any loans out there for you? Yeah! Quick Bad Credit Personal Loans help you out from the critical situation.

If you really think that a quick bad credit personal loans are the answer that you need for some speedy cash, then I think the process of approval here is really simple and easy. Once you apply online the three easy steps i.e. 1. Place your application 2. Consult with our agents & 3. Receive your approval will give you the fast process of your loan approval what you waiting for.

You know what? The advantage of getting Personal Loans Online is come with the best terms. Yeah! There are legion incidences when the need for fast access to extra financing becomes intense. Just get your financial emergencies here right now.

Which OS is loved the most?

Which OS is loved the most? It is really a big question to debate. Android tablets are one of the coolest ways to surf the net and watch videos in existence! They are super portable, light and have a huge touch screen display which makes viewing a pleasure. Unlike laptops and even netbooks, they save a lot of weight and space by only including the components needed for media consumption (surfing, listening and watching).

Chances are, if you are an iPhone of iPad owner, you are more likely than not to be very satisfied with your device. But that may not be the case if you use Android.

Moreover, there is also debatable question about Android OS Vs. Apple iOS – Which is Better for Developers? With the number of smartphone users increasing each day, there is an equal increase in the number of app developers for the same. Though developers have a whole lot of mobile platforms to choose from, they would most probably select one of the two most sought-after mobile OS’ today, Apple’s recently upgraded iOS 4 and Google’s Android. So, which of these is better for developers and why?

Maybe you don't like Apple, maybe you've seen some cheap tablets, or maybe you have an Android phone and love it. For whatever reason, you're looking at Android tablets. Here's a few things to keep in mind before you buy an Android Tablet.

Results out this week from Change Wave Research show of the 4,061 people surveyed, 71% of OS users reported to be 'very satisfied' with Apple's popular mobile software, while just 48% of Google Android users felt the same way.

So it is your turn to select the most beneficial OS to fulfill your needs.