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Friendship : Things to Learn About Your Friends

It is true that the friendship is a valuable treasure offered by God to mankind. Search for true love should be the target rather than making some one a status symbol. One should opt his/her friend leaving behind the facts of prosperity, caste, and physical appearances. Be aware, Friendship meant for status cannot last for long and expectations changes periodically.

Your friend's priorities can change, best to be okay with that. Things like career, parenthood, and relationships will cause rifts you never knew they could. If you want to try and keep those friends despite an emotional, physical, or lifestyle distance, best to let go of the past and focus on building something new with them.

Friendship takes time to build a "castle of trust and kindness". And as two people tries to unfold the mysteries of togetherness, love can be formed. Taking time to share stories may strengthen the bond within your relationship to each other. Take time to listen to each other's point of view. Open your ears in order for you to understand the things he wants to open up to you. In that way you are showing a person to lean on you through lending your ears to listen with.

Real friends sometimes have conflict and fight. But it's always better that letting negative emotions fester until they explode or long-term resentment builds. A fight with your bestie is not the end of the world.

Friendship and love. Two words with different tones but has the same symphony. At first, it's tough but it goes smoothly. It is like a song that reminds back the memories when one started to make a friend, a friend that in the end turned to a one true lover.


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