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Danger of eating White Bread

The Swiss government has been aware of the dangers of eating white bread for decades and in order to get its populace to stop eating it, Switzerland has placed a tax on the purchase of white bread. The tax money is given to bakers to reduce the price of whole wheat bread to encourage people to switch.

The Canadian government passed a law prohibiting the “enrichment” of white bread with synthetic vitamins. Bread must contain the original vitamins found in the grain, not imitations .

Essentially, white bread is “dead” bread. Frequently, consumers are not told the truth about this and so called “enriched” flour. Why is the color of white bread so white when the flour taken from wheat is not?

It’s because the flour used to make white bread is chemically bleached, just like you bleach your clothes. When you are eating white bread, you are also eating residual chemical bleach . Flour mills use different chemical bleaches, all of which are pretty bad.

Here are a few of them: oxide of nitrogen, chlorine, chloride, nitrosyl and benzoyl peroxide mixed with various chemical salts.

One bleaching agent, chloride oxide, combined with whatever proteins are still left in the flour, produces alloxan. Alloxon is a poison and has been used to produce diabetes in laboratory animals.Chlorine oxide destroys the vital wheat germ oil. It will also shorten the flour’s shelf life.

Good Nutrition: You won’t find it In White Bread In the process of making flour white, half of the good unsaturated fatty acids, that are high in food value, are lost in the milling process alone, and virtually all the vitamin E is lost with the removal of wheat germ and bran.

As a result, the remaining flour in the white bread you buy, contains only poor quality proteins and fattening starch. But that is not the whole story as to the loss of nutrients.Scientific Study Has Confirmed What The Swiss Have Known For Years These horrific numbers are the results of a study run by the University of California, College of Agriculture. It is obvious, from what we have learned, that white bread should be avoided.

Whole wheat, rye and grain breads made with whole wheat flour is a better way. It is a good idea to always read the labels and never buy foods that contain artificial flavors, colors, bleached flour, preservatives, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils.

Feel Like Princess With Beautiful Formal Dresses

Yeah! I know that women are just feeling like princess with beautiful and luxurious formal dresses. But I would like to ask you a question here is – what sort of thing you need to consider while buying formal dresses? Yeah! It is difficult to answer. I know all you need to consider is the STYLE. In fact, there are many questions that may rise in your mind while selecting gorgeous formal dresses. For example, classical looking dress or something more contemporary or descent colors etc.

When you have made your choice about the selection then naturally next question rise in your mind to buy it online or not? Off course, you can take it online and this is the perfect place for you all. No doubt, there are different varieties of formal dresses that one can wear.

I am sure that the places here are many more options for formal dressing that changes the phrase “Fashion Changes Here!” This place is nominated as an entrance into the world of formal dresses. Just look at the pictures here with and make up your mind for a wide selection that is available here. Just grab the opportunity from a cheerless girl into a surprising woman.

Relax : The New Mantra Of Life

In our packed schedules, it is often difficult to take out time for your loved ones and even forget your own needs.

So we walk heavily and firmly on and on, not caring how much we push ourselves and not caring about what we are doing to our body in the process. That is where relaxation comes in.

I think all you must read these 10 simple practical tips for a more relaxed you.

1. Laugh

A good hearty laugh diffuses tension and helps you relax. Scientifically, it has been proven that laughter reduces hormones like adrenaline (epinephrine) and cortisol that are responsible for creating stress. It also increases the activity of your Natural Killer T-cells, making you more immune to viral attacks and fatigue. If you find it difficult to be amused, join a humor club and spend time laughing about nothing! Or watch a funny movie or read a comic.

2. Exercise

You do not want to grow old before your time, do you? Given the hectic lifestyle of today, young men as old as 20 are falling prey to the risks of increased blood pressure, cardiovascular distresses and high cholesterol. Just 20 minutes of brisk physical activity stimulates the release of endorphins, improves attention and cognitive performance. So, do not wait too long to lubricate those joints. Go for a brisk walk, work out at the gym, swim or cycle. Again, you will know best what makes you tick. Every park has regular walkers. The tragedy is that most of them are well into their retirement and are walking because the physician has advised it. You do not have to wait that long! After all, prevention is better than cure.

3. Inhale

Now let it out! Whether you undertake deep breathing consciously or as part of a yoga regimen, it is a great way to unwind. Focusing on your breathing and taking deep breaths pumps up oxygen into your brain, brings in a sense of peace, calmness and well-being.

Inhale slowly to the count of five, and exhale to another five counts. When you consciously breathe at a slow pace, you trick your body into slowing down as well. Your heart rate calms down, as does the adrenaline rush associated with stress. Repeat till you can feel your body is comfortable loose and your muscles are not bunched up with stress. Even when you are in the midst of a crisis, this simple, self-conscious technique will lull your body into a sense of peace, allowing you to take better, less emotional decisions. It only takes five minutes for you to repeat the breathe-in-breathe-out exercise enough number of times to be able to relax and think your way out of the crisis at hand.

4. Happy Thoughts

Flood your mind with images that promote peace and tranquility. Imagine yourself in an exotic locale or recall some of your most favorite and happy memories. Think of the good times spent with loved ones and friends. Recall your lighter moments. In short, indulge in a good old daydream. Before you know it, your muscles will have relaxed and you will be all set to tackle the world head on!

5. Dance

It is not for nothing that music is one of the most often cited interests among today’s generation. As the level of stress with which you are trying to cope increases, so does the gentle influence of music. While the preference of genres may differ, experiments prove that soothing music is often more successful in promoting feelings of tranquility and reducing tension. In contrast, depending on the individual, heavy metal and loud music can escalate feelings of aggression. But there is no hard and fast rule here. Just being swept off by your favourite track can detach you from the source of stress and rejuvenate you.

6. Indulge your Senses

Whether you are munching on your favourite food, listening to a good track, watching peaceful images, substituting the stressful stimulus for a more pleasant one can put you back on track.

7. A Nice Warm Bath

My granddad had a formula that he prescribed for all kinds of troubles—from heartache to an arrear. Relaxing in a hot bath eases weary muscles and joints, relieves stress and promotes a general sense of relaxation and well being, besides preparing your overworked mind for a long, tight snooze! And if you can add an aromatherapy blend to your bath, then you’re in for a wonderfully relaxing time! The most highly recommended blend of oils that combats stress in men is a blend of the oils of Sage, Bergamot and geranium. The synergistic blend relaxes you completely and leaves you with a woodsy after-smell – something your significant other will surely appreciate.

8. A Good Long Snooze

Provided you aren’t so stressed out that you cannot sleep, a good long nap can work wonders. Ever noticed how Herculean problems diminish in size the next morning? That is because your brain has enough time to detach and distance from the stress and provide you with much needed freshness of perspective. On the contrary, lack of sleep can make it more difficult for you to cope with aggravations. Snooze mode is the prime time when your body and mind does most of its repairs and renovation. 7-8 hours of solid sleep every night reduces the risks of anxiety, heart disease, depression, hypertension, and strokes.

9. Treat Yourself!

When you are stressed, anxious or tense, serotonin (a brain chemical responsible for feelings of relaxation and calmness) levels tend to dip. Sweet and starchy foods increase serotonin levels, bringing about a general feeling of content and happiness. But do watch out for the calories! Herbal teas are also a great source of relaxation. Green tea in particular can have a very soothing effect. A rich source of theanine, green tea promotes the release of neurotransmitters like GABA, serotonin and dopamine, which induce a calming effect.

10. Schedule Your Day

Planning your day in advance keeps you in much better control of your day and events. Sure, you may be called to change your schedule as liabilities crop up, but you still have an idea of what you want accomplished. It also saves you from procrastination which can lead to higher stress levels.

You do not have to book yourself into a spa in the Himalayas if you feel that the stress in your life is overwhelming you. Just follow our ten Xpert ways to relax (do one of them daily, if you can!) and feel yourself get calmer.

Party Dresses : Get The Newest Looks and The Greatest Trends

Yeah! It is true that a beautiful dress may look beautiful on a hanger, but that means nothing. It must be seen on the shoulders, with the movement of the arms, the legs, and the waist. That is the reason everybody on this globe are envy about clothing of each other’s.

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