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Go Green Policy : 3 R's Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

How many of us are well known about the 3 R's? Yeah! It is related to the Go Green Policy. You know what the Environmental Protection Agency wants you to learn the three "R's" when it comes to your junk. These are the very important words. If all you really want to continue living on a clean planet and one that is not overflowing with yesterday's garbage.

Reduce Reuse RecycleReduce Reuse Recycle is the mantra to repeat to yourself each time you go to throw something away. Once you learn the three "R's" you will be able to set a better example and help your environmental services program combat the never ending supply of garbage.

The first "R" concerns to reducing. This means to reduce the amount of garbage you generate.

The second "R" concerns to reusing. Try to reuse as many products as possible in your own household. Plastic milk jugs make great pitchers for tea and water.

The final "R" relates to recycling. This means utilizing a recycling program from your sanitation department or local environmental services.

In fact, these 3 "R's" begins with you at home. Reduce the amount of waste that you generate by electing to use items that last longer. Buy recycled products and reuse some of the items that you already have in your home, such as plastic milk jugs. Separate your garbage into the appropriate recycle bin. Teach the people around you that recycling is a great way to help the environment.

So help everyone with 3 "R's" and support environment.


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