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Nikita : The Power Of Silver Screen

Yeah! You just name it or call it as a movie, shows or TV Serial. Anyone can tell you the name ‘nikita’. You can see the transition of the name ‘nikita’ in several forms. In fact, the story about ‘nikita’ has been told several times before. In 1990 ‘Film La Femme Nikita’, 1993 ‘Film Point of No Return’ and 1997-2001 ‘TV Series La Femme Nikita’. Yeah! It is one of the most successive shows on electronic media I have never seen here before.

NikitaThe movie la femme nikita came out in 1990 and was released in US. This film is about a girl who is bad and considered to be dangerously seductive. A young criminal girl is declaring guilty but instead of being sent to jail she is engaged to work in the French intelligence. You know what? The game is a firework that moves in serpentine manner when ignited and the 117 minutes movie is full of agitates and arouses.

When we discussing on the movie how can I forget about bridget fonda? Yeah! The film nikita was refashioned in 1993 starred Bridget Fonda as a drug junkie adolescent derelict that’s found chargeable with a reprehensible act of murdering a police officer. And the story continues till the end with just upheaval. In short, watching nikita either in terms of movie, shows or TV Serial is one of the greatest feels in my life. I think all you must have such experience to realize the power of nikita.


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