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Malegaon Ka Superman : Malewood Beats up Bollywood

Yeah! Everything can happen in Malegaon located in the State of Maharashtra. Like Malegaon Blast was the big news in Media some days back. But recently I heard good news about Malegaon. Yeah! Malegaon’s Malewood is in action. Like Bollywood all you can ready to watch Malewood on the screen. It is the Malegaon film city what I call it as Malewood. You know what? Yeh Hai Malegaon Ka Superman is the film knocking at every screen in India. You can watch a promo of “Yeh Hai Malegaon Ka Superman” here.

Malegaon Ka Superman
I know this may look absolute immature. But yes, I see the bright future of Malegaon ahead. This movie's essential theme is the comedy i.e., witty language used to convey insults or scorn, especially saying one thing but implying the opposite. It express about the Society and the basic for any story. You need to get grip of philosophy properly and yes this does but fail to improve more on story, acting and technology. They belong to less experience in the business of film making. But never mind they will pickup. Yeah! I appreciate the film makers. Surely the people who give their effort to make such a good film must walk on long way to go. They have potential to beat Bollywood. Picture Curtsey : Bollywoodhungama

Yeah! Malegaon is the crazy village about CINEMA. Citizen of Malegaon eagerly do to watch and make every movie from core of heart. People of Malegaon who are preparing their daily bread and butter 100% crazy not only about acting but also movie making. Whoever he/she may be; decided to make a movie is the self-writer, wrote the dialogues of his movie and many times acts as in a lead role. Have you seen such type of craziness here before?

Even these crazy persons help them many times in shooting, lyrics writing, editing and finally they build up a movie. To make their dreams true on the silver screen many Malegaon’s crazy people mortgage their gold or lending the money from various sources. Yeah! They just have a single dream to release their self-made movie on the Silver Screen of Malegaon.

One bigger thing happened earlier. Yeah! The makers of “Yeh Hai Malegaon Ka Superman” got a shock of their lives, as the lead actor of the film Shaikh Shafique (28) passed away. He was suffering from throat cancer.

In Malegaon Ka Superman, Shaikh Shafique's character campaigns against tobacco and gutkha consumption. But the irony was that, in real life, he himself was addicted to gutkha and became a victim to throat cancer.

Anyways, I never heard such type of craziness in my entire life. Yeah! Malegaon's crazy people have true inherent capacity to beat Bollywood in future.


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