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TJ Scott : A Wonderful Photographer From My Views

TJ ScottYeah! It is true that you never get tired from taking beautiful shots of Sunsets and Sunrises. Sunrises and sunsets are the most amazing parts of our daily life. I could not imagine the day without Sunrise and Sunset. The molten rock in the earth’s crust looks on the clouds, the sparkling horizons and dazzling mountains; yes! The sunsets are just amazing. While surfing I come across the wonderful photographer TJ Scott. Yeah! He is just amazing. For a while he took me to the dreams what he shoots in his canvas. Just see the beauty of sunset you never forget till the end of your life.

TJ Scott of Los Angeles - a professional writer and director. But three years ago, he inspired by other people's work on Flickr, TJ took the camera. And now he is the owner of an impressive flickr-gallery with hundreds of impressive works.

But the most successful Tee Jay series of images with silhouettes against the sunset sky, built on the contrast between the bright background and dark outlines of people. The photographer managed to not only conveys the magic of sunsets, but also from a single frame to tell the people imprinted in vivid and memorable photographs.

Here are some beautiful pieces from TJ Scott’s treasure trunk of photography especially for you buddies. Just watch it!


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