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Google's $100 Million Deal With YouTube

GoogleImage Courtesy: CoolFacts.In

Yeah! It is the truth that revealed the world in next coming days. It is highly noticeable step to touch the sky from Google. According to Wall Street Journal Google make a design of in systematic to create 20 special channels on its YouTube site. You know what? It worth just in $100 million – what a deal it is!

Now the world has been seen a great entertainment. Off course everyone have an experience about YouTube. Considering the popularity base of YouTube Google also turns to capture advertising market with great intensity. Yeah! I have been realized that such a fantastic move from Google’s management with YouTube indeed pushes the world in a new direction. No doubt about it.

In future all we can see Google’s own streaming video programs what they wish to create. Off course they plan to create low-cost programming designed specifically for the web and YouTube, and support the shows with advertising. What a great marketing mind of Google behind it! In fact, YouTube is also ahead one step than Google in advertizing market. Now Google is ready to grab this opportunity that becomes a “major overhaul” to YouTube, which already has a moneymaking advertising system in place.

Here I would like to concentrate your attention towards one more important point that the same thing announced by Netflix last month. In short, it is also a new move of YouTube that recasts for new viewers from every corner of the world. Let us see, who will get more profit - Google, YouTube or you people?

Original Article: Google to finance $100 million worth of original programs for YouTube


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