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Parents should hack their kid’s secrecy?

Is it really good thing to steal someone's secrecy? I don’t think anyone can answer on wrong side. But I would say, “Yes! Parents should steal their kids’ Facebook passwords”. They must do all these things for the sake of their safety only; so as to keep an eye on things. Yes! I am 100% agree with the “Emil Protalinski” and his eye opening article. It’s nothing but natural that every parent if do such things then they feel guilty about it. But no matters they should do such things considering today’s situation and cyber crimes, sexual predators, drugs and emotional crisis through net media. I think, at least they can stop their kid’s not move towards such bad things what all we have watch on TV or in newspapers daily. Who knows there may be a place at front page for your kid if not stopped them by?

It is the time to read and realize the recent statement from Mahwah Police Chief James Batelli. Just grab and sense what he feels. Especially, there is one crime (at least) based on FaceBook. But it does not mean that FaceBook is responsible for that. Facebook is one of the transparent social networking sites what I feel till time. So, ultimately all the blame goes on parents shoulders. Now it is parent’s turn to think and act accordingly on this issue.

Source: Cop: parents should steal their kids’ Facebook passwords


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