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Apple's New iPad at your door step on March 2

Yeah! The time comes and waiting is over for Apple's new iPad. Yes! It is coming on March 2. It is the news on CNN that Apple to unveil new iPad on March 2. All we are well aware about that Apple is the world's highest valued tech company. It is the first in the field to debut a modern, touch-screen tablet computer when it unveiled the iPad in January 2010. Since then, a host of competitors, many working with Google's Android operating system, have emerged to compete with the popular iPad.

Right now there is no such name nominated to new coming iPad. Yeah! It may be a company’s secret. But it is true that all we need to wait such quality iPad Applications to see It's versatility. Till then just wait up to March 2, 2011.

Source: Apple to unveil new iPad on March 2


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