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You will never ever get into TENSION

It is a state of mental or emotional strain or suspense or you can say it is the physical condition of being stretched or strained or in simpler manner one can say that the feelings of hostility that are not manifest. Yeah! All these are the explanation about the brutal word “TENSION”. There are many reasons to tenseness. I think this small write up help you a lot to get ride off such things.

TensionThe moment you are in TENSION. You will lose your ATTENTION. Then you are in total CONFUSION. And you will feel IRRITATION. This may spoil our personal RELATIONS. Ultimately, you won't get COOPERATION. And get things into COMPLICATION. Then you may raise CAUTION. And you have to take MEDICATION. Why not try understanding the SITUATION. And try to think about the SOLUTION. Many problems will be solved by DISCUSSION. This will work out better in our PROFESSION. Don't think this is a free SUGGESTION. It is only for our PREVENTION if you understand my INTENTION. So…
You will never ever get into TENSION!!!

How to release such stress? Just stress out your mind here.


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