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Facebook: Need To Monetize? Yeah! Off Course!

Face book - a platform for everyone what the world called it as a social network service. Some days back, I heard that Face book have taken out the "Suggest to Friends" feature from Face book Pages. Just check out the Face book FAQs section of Face book. At that time there are many comments passed out on this issues from every corner of the world about the "strong feelings of dislike" on the Face book's move. Many of us quoted their strong dislike feelings in words like "They are going the wrong way!", "I'm starting to predict that Face book will be a victim of their own success and power.", "Digital monopolies can die in few days" and many more.

Face bookIf you think, about 5-6 years ago SMO, Face book or Twitter... and now everybody like an advertising screen. Once you like something, and then your friends will get a dose of advertising. Yeah! It is a new way of living, new advertising probabilities.

Yes! It is true that now you can monetize your Face book fans by promoting their likes. I have also been associated with Face book from couple of years as one of the member like you. I have seen that there is more common integrating effort to have customer join many of the top online major stores on Face book. I have kept my reputation clean and I do not, will not, slam anyone’s inbox with what I am associated with. You do not have too if you are engaging in conversations and enjoying what all your friends are posting. This makes being here on Face book the most enjoyable. Face book took over more than $1.86 billion in ad revenue in 2010.

Face book has a new ad product that may be its most promising ad unit yet - the sponsored story. These ads are simply brand-related stories that users have already shared, but then paid for by the brand mentioned to appear in the ad space, as to attract more attention and engagement.

Yeah! I think and hope to monetize on this in the nearest future. What you think?


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