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Listening practices for audio books - 3

It is estimated that currently, there are close to 25,000 titles of audio books on the format types of cassettes, downloads or CDs. These titles also range from novels, to learning books, to simple know hows to history.

Whatever the content type, audio books are truly effective means of imparting knowledge to people.

Because listening is not as tedious as other physical activities, people find audio books more advantageous. Thus, a listener can also do other activities or chores while at the same time, listening to an audio book.

For example, a housewife can listen to an audio book while doing the laundry. An executive can listen to an audio book while driving his way to the office.

Blind people can also make use of audio books. Since they cannot read, and books published especially for the blind are limited in number and are hard to find, blind people can always opt to buy audio books instead.

Audio books are also great because they can be replayed or paused anytime. Thus, a learner could easily retrieve data by simply clicking the rewind button, or skip unnecessary portions of a book by pushing the fast forward function button.


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