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Microsoft launches nine Windows 7 phones

Yeah! It is true that Microsoft launches nine Windows 7 phones. These new lines of phones running its Windows Software and it will be available in the market by November 8th.

Windows Phone 7As all you aware that it is the battle of "SmartPhones". The big names of this battle like Apple Inc's iPhone and Google Inc's Android System. Now Microsoft comes in the picture to pull back the market share with its new high-tech SmartPhone.

Based on the news from the economic times, all these new SmartPhones initially available on AT&T Inc's network in the United States. These phones are much closer in look and feel to Apple's iPhone, with colorful touch-screens and "tiles" for easy access to email, the Web, music and other applications.

Now I am waiting for its presence in India. Let us see...

Source: Smartphone Market: Microsoft Launches Nine Windows 7 Phones


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