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Everything under one roof; your emotions, success, thinking, editorials, hot issues and many more...Just ENJOY!!! : A Website to Fight With Today’s Competition and Stress

Increasing competition and creating stress is the major reason that teenagers commit to suicide. Here is the website being started to provide the guidance with the help of “Art Of Living” and Soham Solutions. This website launched and executed on the birthday of Shri. Ravishankar who is the originator of “Art of Living”

It is the serious issue all over the states and subsequent territory that candidates being committed to suicide. Art of Living has been decided to launch and execute a comprehensive website as a solution on “committed to suicide” cases. Concord of the “Art of Living” Ms. Kumkum Naren narrated to the press that this website has been divided in three parts.

01. Personal Counseling for Teenagers
02. Telephonic Counseling and
03. Counseling through Internet

She narrated that 54th Birthday of Shri. Ravishankar has been commenced with joy in the state on Friday. On the occasion of the ceremony volunteers of Art of Living has been organized a special training classes in 11 district of the state exploring the subjects like self-restraint, self purification, positive thinking and meditation. They have organized blood donation camps in various cities including Pune in the state. Over 500 citizens donated blood in this great work. Even though, they have organized camps for people youngsters called “दिव्य समाज का निर्माण – Part 1 and 2” and “Art Excel” respectively. More than 1000 people from various religions have been participated in such a महायज्ञ. Mental Balance, Stress Management, rules of idol man and thoughts of Shri. Ravishankar has been imparted to the society.


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