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A journey of Amos Tamam

Guys all you may call it as "a predetermined course of events", "an event that will inevitably happen in the future", "your overall circumstances or condition in life (including everything that happens to you)." All these terms refer to "Destiny". Nobody knows how your life changed or any sort of turn comes that change the scenario of your life, is called destiny. Actually I come to the conclusion that it is a concept based on the belief that there is a fixed natural order to the universe. Yeah! Why I am saying such type of things on this platform?

It happens when I read out Amos Tamam's journey on the website called "" He is a Electrical Engineer from Tel Aviv University, Israel. His needs push him to arrive at United States to become a happy person. It was the early year of 1980's; he reached at United State to find out his destiny. But the destiny … his destiny already thinks about him to flash his name on the map of world. At the beginning, he has started his career with servicing taxicabs in a garage that moves very fast in New York City. 30 years later, his inherent characteristics of technical cleverness and a supernatural ability makes him CEO. He is become the CEO of VTS Inc. (Verifone Transportation Systems, Inc. which is a division of the giant Verifone Corporation).

Have you heard about his most belated innovation? It is here. Amos Tamam provides fleet owners with the ability of process credit cards using wireless technology. Now, tell me have you heard such type of inspirations here before? Thanks to "" because all the credit goes to this website's account who deliver such an amazing and inspirational thing in front of the world. Guys "" is the first business information search engine having more than 45 million profiles of people and 5 million companies. If all you are thirstily looking for the energizing and devised information on industries, companies, people, products, services and jobs then just stay tuned with it.


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