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Article Removed from the Blog

Guys, finally I have removed the article ICICI BANK : Duplicate Site. But still I am not positive about your discussion on this issue. I have already sent a mail and detailed description to ICICI Bank with other two links (what you guys are posted as a comments) and result is expecting in coming days.

I read out all your remarks and comments at rambhai but no one opened up with final result. All you did just negative comments concerning to this issue. OK. I agree with you that it never been happened in past couple of years. But I might think that it has been possible (if you agree with "nothing is impossible") as the hackers are growing with high technology and tricks & techniques.

I would like to clear one thing here, I have not done it purposefully for the sake of blog popularity or anything else and never imagine that the explosion of this issue. Because I have seen all the up and downs regarding the page rank of my all blogs. So it is not important for me to get traffic from you guys.

Anyways, I appreciate all your negative comments (which I considered as an improvement points) and too much learnings from you buddies.

I would like to have rambhayaas remarks on this issue if he don't mind.


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