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Cryo-Cell : A Family Cord Blood Bank

I don't know that how many people are well known that umbilical cord stem cells can treat 70 diseases, including leukemia, anemia, lymphoma, diabetes and cerebral palsy. But one thing is clear that the value of Cord Blood plays a vital role in one's life. It is the practice that Cord Blood can be collected to bank or donated after the baby is born.

As on date, there are about 30,000 people in the US that are subject to a medical analysis that cord blood stem cells are used to treat with a above disease. The American Academy of Pediatricians notes that "if cord clamping is done too soon after birth, the infant may be impoverished of a placental blood transfusion, resulting in lower blood volume and increased risk for anemia". Now a days it has been proved that cord blood must be collected to bank or donated after the baby is born.

As a part of cord blood banks, one name always flashes over on the map of the world that is Cryo-Cell. It is one of the world’s biggest cord blood banks with over 150,000 clients. Up to the year 2015, more than 10,000 cord blood transplants can be done yearly at all over the world. Cryo-Cell, the Cord Blood Bank helped out over 155,000 families to conserve their newborn infant's umbilical cord blood to use it against diseases. The Cryo-Cell Cord Blood bank is opening up the many ways in their systematic investigation to establish the facts, to find out solutions at a greater extent to uphold stem cells in a unquestioned direction.

So, buddies here I requested all you if you are soon-to-be parent or waiting for a good news of your newborn, then you must deliberate banking the cord blood. It will bring through your family endures you would wish to.


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