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Delhi Gang Rape Case and Our Unconscious Mind

Why women will continue to be raped in India? This was the headline I just read out on FirstPost. In fact, this question is unanswered forever. Who is responsible for the cause? You! Me! OR Women who caught by....?

It is truth that such type of crime statistics increasing day-by-day. It is also true that many rape cases even not endorsed at nearby Police Station which are eagerly come out in the mind and soul of the victim.

Everyone cans see such rape cases and the reports on the television or on the internet where you would definitely say that crimes can really happen anywhere. No place is secure now these days; in school, colleges, hotels, theaters, homes are just evidences. With the grand support and braveness of the victim few cases being registered. What happened with others?

Recently all we had gone through the Delhi Gang Rape Case. Yeah! The victim has undergone a surgery to remove her gangrenous intestine. Now she is stable and conscious. But what about we people? I would just say that even after such latest experience - “Out part of the mind wherein psychic activity takes place are always unconscious”. You know why?

“There is no blood relation of the victim with everyone who read this post” That’s It!

Be always unconscious my dear friends????  Please do not wake up! It is just a part of our daily routine and nothing else. Right?

Please correct me if I am wrong?


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