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Charge Your Cell Phone with Solio Solar Charger

Guys, if you need to charge your phone and you are not near at retail store? What you will do in such situation? Yeah! Most of us do not carry a charger around, with the exception of the car charger. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just plug your phone into the sun and let it charge? All that energy going to waste! Not anymore. The solar phone charger eliminates the need for troublesome outlets and time wasting charging methods.

Solio Solar Charger
All you are absolutely right! Yeah! Here Solio Solar Charger can help you out. Yes! Solio Solar Charge hives away energy to charge a cell phone or other devices. The charger works by drawing energy from the sun and storing the solar energy within an internal battery. For every hour of sun time, you get an hour of usage. It is a portable device that does not need to be plugged in. Better Energy Systems manufactures the Solio. The Solio Solar Charger costs around $99.95. It can be used anywhere.

A fully charged Solio Solar Charger can recharge a cell phone at least once. It can have different electronic devices plugged into the charger. Since it comes with a layout of adaptors, there are many items that it can charge. The Solio Solar Charger can be your one device for many different products, such as; cell phone, Ipods, game players, GPS or digital cameras. If you are in a place without an outlet or retail stores, or you did not bring your charger with you, than the Solio Solar Charger could be worth a handy device for you.


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