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Kount : Credit Card Fraud and Prevention Solutions

Credit Card Fraud - today's big question on the world platform. In 2009, merchant losses due to fraud were in excess of $100 billion, which included: unauthorized transactions, fees, interest and penalties associated with chargebacks. In fact, Visa claims that the top reason for chargebacks is fraudulent transactions.

Now here is one solution called Kount comes in existence to get out such Fraud Problems. Yeah! Kount Solution is the most advanced fraud detection and prevention platform available today for card-not-present (CNP) merchants. We've helped many clients get out from under the crippling effects of excessive chargebacks. And, our SaaS model can have your organization up and running in a matter of days.

Friends, if you are in an "Excessive Chargeback Program" with Visa Or MasterCard, Kount can get you out ... fast. Yeah! With Kount Complete you can -

01. Eliminate Chargeback Penalties
02. Reduce Overall Chargebacks
03. Increase Bottom-line Profits
04. Increase Detection of Fraudulent Transactions
05. Reduce the Need For Manual Reviews
06. Protect Your Brand and Your Customers

Yeah! I think all you can get ride off such Credit Card Fraud problems with Kount Complete. Just get experienced about it.


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