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Everything Happens For the Good

It’s not a wonder. It is a truth and belief that whatever happens in my entire life for a specific cause and I meant it. I do not bother about it what the world called it or whatever is the controversy. After all Karma or you may called it as destiny ruled you out in entire life.

You may also call it as “Philosophy” or anything else. But when time comes and incidences happened with me it proved as a “turning point” of my life. That is what I believe that “everything happens for good”. Some days back I have read one story about it on same subject. So I wish to share with you. I just want your attention while reading it.

Everything happens for goodImage Credit: Google

There was once a King who had a wise advisor. The advisor followed the King everywhere, and his favorite advice was, “Everything happens for the good”. One day the King went hunting and had a little accident. He shot an arrow at his own foot and was injured. He asked the advisor what he thought about the accident, to which the advisor replied, “Everything happens for the good”. This time the King was really upset and ordered for his advisor to be put in prison. The King asked his advisor, “Now, what do you think?” The advisor again replied, “Everything happens for the good”. So the advisor remained in prison.

The King later went on a hunting trip, this time without the advisor. The King was then captured by some cannibals. He was taken to the cannibals' camp where he was to be the evening meal for the cannibals. Before putting him into the cooking pot he was thoroughly inspected. The cannibals saw the wound on the King’s foot and decided to throw him back into the jungle. According to the cannibals' tradition, they would not eat anything that was imperfect. As a result the King was spared.

The King suddenly realized what his advisor said was true. The advisor also escaped death because had he not been in prison, he would have followed the King on the hunting trip, and would have ended up in the cooking pot.

It is true that everything in life happens for a purpose, and always for our own good. If you think about it, all our past experiences actually happened to bring us to where we are today , and it is always for the good. All the past experiences make us a better person. So, whatever challenges that we may face today, consider it happening to bring us to the next level.

Really, I don't know about your philosophy but its mine....!!!! What you say about it?


"Did anyone notice, today's 20-10-2010?" Did you?

Outdoor Light : Get An Pleasent Experience At Your Home

Friends, I don’t know about you. But if you ask me to where I like to spend my spare time at home? Off course, it’s my place what the world called it as yard. You know what? It is the time when evening starts; it’s a great pleasure to sit under the outdoor light and read any beloved book. What an idea it is! Naturally, it’s my most like place to spend the spare time outside in yard. Its gets such feel because of outdoor light. I know all you are in puzzled condition right now that I correlate all these things with outdoor light. I think at the end surely all you can agree with me.

lightingthewebFriends, if you love to spend time outside in your yard, you know how important outdoor lighting is to make your yard enjoyable any time of the day. Outdoor lighting is essential for not only the visual enhancement of your property, but also for safety. In fact, outdoor wall lighting fixtures are especially projected to be operated safely in outdoor conditions, especially rain and snow. Whether you are looking for garden light fixtures, outdoor ceiling light fixtures, or landscape lights, we have a huge selection of what you need to enhance and light your property. Now all these things are come with wallet saving cost. If you are looking for such source then surely you must come at this place to look into what you required for your home. To get more information on such creative products you can call at toll free number 1-877-401-6364 right now.

Happy at Work : Some Resolutions

Every professional and an employee knows how bad the current economic condition is - no jobs, more pay cuts, layoffs, higher workload, no bonus, no appraisal and what is even worse is that every one's living in the fear of loosing their job any minute. One can totally understand how stressful all this is for working professionals and employees. Buy you need to cope with all these issues or you'll find it really hard to concentrate on your work and do a good job. Here is how you can divert your mind from this stressful situation and be happy at work.

Happy At WorkWhen you are overloaded with personal issues, it's really difficult to concentrate on work and be happy at your workplace. So, learn to share your problems with a close colleague. Do not keep your problems to yourself or you will end up feeling depressed. Follow one simple rule and you will always be happy in life. Leave your personal worries at home and your professional issues at work and then see the change in you. In fact this will help you stay focused and productive at work.

Make yourself comfortable at work: You must be spending at least eight hours a day at work, which obviously means that you spend more time in office than at home. So, make your space your own, do all that you like at your desk put pictures of you and you friends on your wall board. You could decorate your area as much your company policy permits, and make yourself as comfortable and relaxed as you can be in your office.

Have an office support system: Being good friends with a colleague who shares a similar kind of lifestyle can take a lot of pressure off you at work, trust us. When you are able to share your feelings with a colleague who understands you really well, it helps minimize stress to a great extent.

Maintaining a good diet and drinking loads of water can really make a huge difference in your energy level and attitude. When we say good diet, we mean avoid eating too much of refined food such as sugar and bread.

Once you reach office, do not stick to your seat and keep working the whole day. Move around a little. Go out for a cup of Tea or coffee with your colleagues, chat with your teammates or read something interesting but do not be a workaholic.

Don't try to change others: You obviously can't change any one you can only bring about changes in yourself. Just figure out a way to resolve conflicts and avert uncomfortable situations and you will be much happier at work.

Treat yourself once in a while: Think of something that will really make you happy. We mean reward your self once in a while. Whether it be dinner with family or friends, a movie, or even a manicure, but treat yourself once in a while. Just like how stress from home can interfere with work, the positive aspects of your life can greatly influence your mood at work as well.

Focus on the positive: Identify all those things you like at work. It can be chatting with your friends on line from work in your free time or even a nice view from your office window. You create your own mind-set. If you stress the positives, you will make your job much more enjoyable but if you keep stressing on all your negatives, it may cause you to become overwhelmed.

So just be happy at work...!!!

Truths about the Lies

- 81% of people said "harmless lie" every day

- Most people lie 3 times in 10 minutes of conversation

- Following a review of 142 studies, during which 19,801 people (many of whom had experience lies in the recognition of his work) was assessed, lying or not 2,945 people, lies gently was recognized only 54% of cases, only slightly more than 50% that you can dial simply by guessing "yes-no

- 2% of people think that lying is sometimes necessary

- 65% of people think that often / sometimes OK to lie to not hurt someone's feelings

- 44% of people think that often / sometimes possible to exaggerate the events in the story to make it interesting

- 37% of people think that often / sometimes you can lie about his age

- Depressive people are more honest with themselves than the mentally healthy, and when they recover, they become less fair

- 98% of teens say they lie to their parents

- 98% of teens say that trust is very important in personal relationships. 96-98% say that lying is immoral

- 47% of teens say that illegal downloading of music is acceptable, and only 5% considered acceptable stealing from shop

- During the experiment, 32 young people were divided into 2 groups - high and low social status, based on their activity, reported by the parents. Children of high social level lie better. Teens lie better than younger

- 75% of students admit that they become "serial liars * when it comes to saving money or a job

- 40% of parents believe that is normal sometimes lie to children about their own bad behavior in the past

- 68% of women lie about their weight, when the rent on the right

- 91% of women say that the older they become, the easier take themselves, and the lower lying

- 44% of people easier to lie by e-mail, than in manuscript form. During the study, 48 students had to divide $ 89 between themselves and another fictional one group that did not know about the amount of money, but I knew that it varies between $ 5-100 and should decide to accept the proposal or not. When students reported the amount of e-mail, 92% lied when handwritten - 64%

- 15% of employees were caught in a lie directly in the workplace

- 16% of people ever lied to justify "I call on another line" or "I call you back"

- According to the experiment conducted in Australia, 73% of doctors said that washed his hands, and only 9% actually did so;

- 29% of people who are in close relations, acknowledged that lie to their partners about their spending money

- 33% of women lie about their spending money, as well as 26% of men

- 1 out of 10 people had lied during the motor to reduce the contribution

- 15% of people vozrata 18-20 years admit they were wrong to their partners, 11% aged 21-24 years are recognized in the same

- 22% of men say they do not want to call their number of sexual partners

- 17% of men and women aged 18-24 years reported to their sexual partner about the presence of host of sexually transmitted diseases

- 61% of women think that is normal if a man is lying about their appearance

- 26% of men and 9% of women believe adultery to be justified, if their partner is no longer interested in sex

- Betrayal in varying degrees, is the cause of 54% of divorces

- 48% of women say that is normal, when their partner is lying about his attraction to other women

- 39% of women say that is normal when a man is lying about the woman that if she was good in bed

What about your truths and lies friends?

Hotel Booking in Paris

HROSParis is the capital and largest city in France. You know what? It probably has more familiar landmarks than any other city in the world. As a result, first-time visitors often arrive in the French capital with all sorts of expectations: of grand vistas, of intellectuals discussing weighty matters in caf├ęs, of romance along the Seine, of naughty nightclub revues, of rude people who won’t speak English. If this is the situations then how one can get the most benefits at Paris by all means. Yeah! I am talking about one’s accommodation at Paris. If you think once you reach at Paris and then look for the hotel booking. I think it is the right decision. You can get 1131 featured hotels with wallet saving opportunity in Paris.

Yeah! If you search for cheap hotels to get your expected suit then surely you can get several types of quality accommodations here. For example, Renaissance Paris Arc De Triomphe Hotel, Scribe Paris, InterContinental Paris avenue Marceau, Hotel De Sers, Square, Le Burgundy Paris and many more with all services like Room Service, Meeting/Banquet Facilities, Business Centre, Dry Cleaning, Breakfast in the Room, Internet Services, Fax/Photocopying and Wi-Fi/Wireless LAN. Even they can offer general services like Parking, Restaurant, Pets Allowed, Bar, 24-Hour Front Desk, Newspapers, Terrace, Non-Smoking Rooms, Rooms/Facilities for Disabled Guests, Family Rooms, Elevator, Safety Deposit Box, Heating, Design Hotel, Luggage Storage and Air conditioning.

I know Paris hotels are one of the wallets saving package not only for first time visitor but also the persons who are frequently visited here for official purpose. I don’t think that anyone can get such type of things at affordable costs. One thing is sure, whoever he may be, and if planning to fly towards Paris then he/she must go for cheap hotels in Paris. Because you never get wallet saving offers anywhere else.

Online Internet Business Opportunities

Online Internet BusinessYeah! It is true that the internet has brought a wealth of information to the average person’s fingertips. With a few clicks a person can gain knowledge on a wide array of topics. The internet has also given people a chance at business opportunities they would otherwise never have the chance to know about. (Image Source : Online Internet Business)

I would like to ask you one question here is, how you find an Internet Business Online. Is it really easy task? Surely Not! Finding a business opportunity online and then actually making these businesses work is not a simple process, but it is one that almost anyone can do. Yeah! Everybody can do Internet Business Online. But let me aware about one point. Now days along with Online Internet Business there are many scams itself settled here with. All you might hear about it. It is one of the biggest obstacles in finding Online Internet Business. Even Online Home Business scams almost never pay anything and a person ends up wasting his/her precious time and money.

Off course, the internet is a great tool to use when looking for business opportunities. It gives up a person to explore the company and make sure it is a satisfying business. That is the reason everyone must read terms and conditions if come across such Online Internet Business opportunities or either way they can search the history on search engines before proceed further.

Koozie : The Way Of Life

Yeah! It is true that planning parties is never an easy task, and carrying out your plans to perfection is much tougher. But if it is party time then deliberately my mind recalled one name always - "Koozie".

Yeah! Koozies are my favorite. Have you ever heard the name "Koozie" here before? If not then let me explore the world of Koozie.

My KoozieKoozie carries neoprene water bottles; koozies with a carry strap, wine bottle koozies, 40 ounce koozies, energy drink can koozies, 16 ounce bottle & can koozies, neoprene high-ball glass koozies and wraps for glasses. Yes! This is the exclusive range of Koozie.

It's a beer Koozie. Koozie is dedicated to keeping beverages cool while promoting your cause. Even you can send a gift of koozie for newly Brides and Grooms. If you offer a koozie to newest couple then surely the Groom will remember your anniversary! Even your guests will keep and use it for years to come. Now koozie is available in Gold and Silver Metallic ink colors.

One more thing I would like to add here is if the party is being thrown on a really special occasion, you can even get personalized koozies designed and ordered to leave a lasting impression on the minds of your visitors. So, go for koozie that keep you cool always.

Seniors Don't Want To Be Alone

Dear seniors, I would like to ask you one question here. What sort of dating etiquette comes first if you are 50+? I know as senior persons; thousands of answer bound me back.

date seniorsBut you know what? A first date is one of the most disagreeable aspects of dating at any age. That is the reason what I said earlier. If you are 50+ and just starting to date again after a few years or a few decades, however, the doubtfulness about where to go, what to wear, and what to talk about can not only seem almost Impossible to surmount but also to find the date.

It happens many times before the first date, you wonder whether your date will like you, whether you will like him or her, and how much dating etiquette has changed since the last time you were out there. I think all you must have a platform to date seniors. I think good manners people surely find their date seniors only here. Just connect with your perfect senior match today! It is totally free.

Microsoft launches nine Windows 7 phones

Yeah! It is true that Microsoft launches nine Windows 7 phones. These new lines of phones running its Windows Software and it will be available in the market by November 8th.

Windows Phone 7As all you aware that it is the battle of "SmartPhones". The big names of this battle like Apple Inc's iPhone and Google Inc's Android System. Now Microsoft comes in the picture to pull back the market share with its new high-tech SmartPhone.

Based on the news from the economic times, all these new SmartPhones initially available on AT&T Inc's network in the United States. These phones are much closer in look and feel to Apple's iPhone, with colorful touch-screens and "tiles" for easy access to email, the Web, music and other applications.

Now I am waiting for its presence in India. Let us see...

Source: Smartphone Market: Microsoft Launches Nine Windows 7 Phones

PhotoShop : Learn Creativity in Beautiful Manner

The word Photoshop itself indicates the meaning of it. Yeah! It means "it is the shop of photos" (in broad ways). In fact it is a graphics editing program developed and published by Adobe Systems Incorporated. But the problem here is, many of us could not reach up to the mark. I mean to the desired output many times.

Show Me The Light
What they do in such situation? Recently, I come across one beautiful article named "Show Me The Light – Digital Art Tutorial". And I love this article at first sight. The author exclusively elaborate and explore the secrets of photoshop in beautiful manner. Here before I never come across with photoshop and its secrets. But now I realized the power of photoshop and decided to learn it. Whoever he/she may be the professional or student studying the photoshop must read this article once.

The way, the author explains every steps to beautify the desired picture is simply great and marvelous. On the other side the persons who are eagerly hunger to learn photoshop can search many tutorials on photoshop with following links:

01. Adobe Photoshop Tutorials
02. 50 Great Photoshop Tutorials for Clever Beginners
03. Beginners' Guide to Adobe Photoshop - Photoshop Tutorials
04. Photoshop Basics - Tutorials for Photoshop Beginners
05. Photoshop Tutorials
06. Photoshop Tips and Tricks for Beginners |

Also, you can search PhotoShop Tutorials here too. I think no one can stop you to get creativity in beautiful manner with PhotoShop.

Your Dates Are Here

Dating should be less about matching outward circumstances than meeting your inner necessity. If it is true then you must shake your hands with black canadian dating. The reason is it is the premiere free online dating service that connects single men and women with other like minded people. Here you can have such an experience that the woman who chooses the man who will choose her. Just get the touch of love to become a poet.

It is one of the best place for those people who hailing from Canada all the way to Africa and Asia and numerous countries in between. Here you take half the amount of time you dated someone to get over them. So, just Sign up for free and explore thousands of profiles, browse images, send flirts, and start connecting with like singles in your area!

Cricket Prepaid Wireless Plans For Cricket Lovers

Now a days cricket cell phones are the pioneers in the market of providing wireless services that are reasonably priced. The Cricket cell phones have numerous great features that include affordability of wireless, limitless minutes within the user's local calling area, and high quality digital network.

The Cricket cell phone service has become so popular because it has created a situation where the cell phone and the home phone are essentially the same phone. There is no longer any need for Cricket cell phone users to have another phone service since it has a fully digital first rate CDMA network.

In addition, Cricket cell phones offer a Cricket Prepaid Wireless Plans to fit your needs. You have the option of choosing from numerous plans that feature international and national long distance service for a relatively inexpensive flat monthly fee. Cricket cell phones also offer call waiting, caller ID, voicemail, ringing options, and text messaging. These services are either free or are accessible independently for a small monthly fee.

The Cricket cell phone is especially preferred by people who want a wireless service, but don't want unpredictable and irrational bills and problems. The fact is that the Cricket cell phone is very adaptable and you can also use a prepaid calling card plan. So select you like most.

Solid Oak Flooring - Just Get A Luxurious Experience

Solid Oak FlooringIt is true that flooring goes a long way in giving a bang-up look to your sweet home. In any case other nonfunctional items, the home should have a great flooring too. I don’t think that anybody here who deny this fact. As we are talking about flooring then surely Solid Oak Flooring add spice to the decor of the house. The decoration consisting of the layout and furnishings of a livable interior of your home definitely gives a new expression without words. Yeah! It is one of the reason that I must say always use the Solid Oak Flooring to give your home an enhanced look. Yes! It increases the value of your home.

So you need not worry about the question that may raise in your mind like can I fit solid wood onto concrete? Is it possible to have a wood floor in the kitchen? I have a wood floor in the bathroom. Can I have wood floor in the flat? How do I keep my floor clean? How long will my floor last? Yeah! All are the unprofitable questions once you have an answer in terms of Solid Oak Flooring. Surely, if you are interested in doing some flooring for your house with oak wood, then it will be the right choice.

SolidOakFlooringI know one more question may rise in your mind about it’s what sort of product I get to lavish my home? If you have the products like Golden Oak, Lacquered Oak, Oiled Oak, Walnut Oak, Handscrapped Tobacco Oak, Handscrapped Coffee Oak, Brushed Caramel, Brushed Wheat, Engineered Oak Brushed Coffee, Engineered Oak Lacquered, Engineered Oak Brushed Oiled and Engineered Oak Brushed Tobacco then I think you need not worry about its selection. Just leave all the worries at “” and have a relax moments. Because this space itself known to be the world’s best flooring house. If still you have any doubts then just move your fingers at this place and get a luxurious experience.

Storage At Home : Need Your Attentions


Let me know your thinking about storage space at your home. How you keep your beloved articles at home? I know if space is available it will be placed nicely. And if not, then there is no meaning to make it systematically. Even though you have many ideas to keep your articles in this or that way. But you could not do it accordingly.

Storage At Home
Image Courtesy : Google

It is normal situation at everybody's home. How one can find problems about storage solutions? In fact, your home is full of hidden storage possibilities, you just need to look around. I think following possibilities are worth for you ...

01. Move your everyday flatware into boxes in order to free up space in your kitchen drawers. In fact, I would say, just throw out unnecessary items (it means - keep it in boxes). Just Relocate larger utensils into wall-mounted baskets or bins.

02. Create shelves that reach from floor-to-ceiling for books and collectibles to make the most space of your hallway.

03. Mount pegs on your wall, creating hooks for your everyday jackets. By doing this you will free up space in your closet for the seasonal gear.

04. Create an organizer from an old bureau. Create space for your mittens, hats and running shoes by dividing your drawers. Use smaller top drawers for on-the-go essentials.

It just need your attention to find the hidden places at your home to store your most beloved articles.

Bathroom : A Style Statement

It is a room that may have different functions depending on the culturalist context. In the most literal sense, the word bathroom means "a room with a bath". Because the traditional bathtubs have partly made way for modern showers, including steam showers, the more general definition is "a room where one bathes". There can be just a shower, just a bathtub or both; and often both plumbing fixtures are combined in the bathtub. The room may also contain a sink, often called a "wash basin" or "hand basin" and often a "lavatory".

Image Courtesy : Google

However, those who value the comfort and luxury in a bathroom really likes to have a lot of embellishment in a bathroom and fortunately we have a number of options to adorn it flawlessly.

As you know well, there is a range of home and bathroom decorative pieces are available, however, the bathroom lights give a different dimension and feel. Nothing can be actually more contributory than those lights to your bathroom beautification.

Let us see how we can decorate our bathroom uniquely and stylishly.

Bathroom Wall Scones
Ceiling Bathroom Lightings
Back-Lit Bathroom Mirror Lightings
Dimming Bathroom Lights

Bathroom lighting fixtures make a statement that you want to make about you and your lifestyle. In the recent years Traditional Table Lamps have made a comeback and are now popular in most homes. Various designs in Outdoor floor lamps can be used to enhance the beauty of the room and it also blends well with the other furniture. So keep in mind above info while decorating your bathroom.