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Pepper Spray - A Lethal Weapon To Protect Women

Yeah! It is a matter of pity, various cities are ruled by a woman is a sort of graveyard for women folk. In fact, many cities are the most unsafe place for women with highest rate of crime against women. I know many of us could know the best example of it as due to weaker sex. Over the last few years, many cities have witnessed a rising concern for the issue of women’s safety in the city.

pepper sprayOn what way all women on this globe realized that they are safe? I think they must have some crowd control strategy that has been again used for their personal self-defense. What sort of easiest weapon they must have? Surely, there is no doubt about it that they must use pepper spray. You know what? Such Pepper sprays are known to be oleoresin capsicum. It is just a lethal weapon that results in temporary blindness and burning skin once sprayed in an assaulter’s eyes. In many (but not all) other states, pepper spray can be purchased at various stores and carried legally by anyone over 18. However, many states do not say anything about age. I am dam sure about it if once women keep it with their purse they would feel relax by all means. Just move towards “” to protect yourself.


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