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Look of the Year : A Dream Contest

I don' know how many beauty contest I have seen so far. All are full of joy and memorable. But it is my first time to heard such type of contest. The persons who wish to do remarkable and amazing things in their lives. They must joint this contest. The name of this contest is look of the year. The name itself indicates and explains the aim and the meaning of this contest. Every one....every one on this planet have right to enroll their name to this contest. I know that, being a model is a wast growing profession on these days. It is also fact that the being a model is dream of each person because of it's glamor and demand of industry.

On the other hand, every one have a dream to look beautiful. Actually, looking beautiful is not a miracle. But with the help of recent make up technology every one can dream about beautiful feeling which helps them to be a good looking and charming model.

It is my kind request to the young world, take a part on this Look of the year contest and win $10,000 USD.

Now tell me what else is remaining? Yes, one thing is left behind here.... it is your enrollment. My dear young world, $10.000 USD and a fantastic career is waiting for you.


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